The cover of Cobblestone Chronicles: Michael vs the Babysitters
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In the town of Cobblestone, Michael should be like any other sixth-grader, and he would if it wasn’t for his parents (both teachers) who STILL leave him with a babysitter.

Michael may have not noticed this when he was younger, but now that he is going to enter the 6th grade, life is a lot clearer to him. He is unafraid, mature, and most importantly, doesn’t need a babysitter.

But sadly for Michael, his parents use “It’s Okay to Have Fun” babysitting agency, where their company motto is “Parents deserve to have fun too!”. And they seem to use this agency more often than most, especially now that it is summer.

The babysitter’s really don’t do anything. They cook pizza, pour drinks and make sure Michael goes to bed really early! Oh, they also answer the door when the doorbell rings to say “no thank you” to late-night sales calls. They seem to answer the door a lot.

WAIT!!! Why are so many people coming to the door? At night? Trying to sell things to a babysitter? This question keeps Michael up at night and he is going to get to the bottom of it.

The good news is Michael has been training his whole life for this moment. All the ninja, spy, and super-hero cartoons he’s been watching has made his whole life one big training session. Why else would his dad make him kick all those soccer balls, or his mom make him chop all those onions? It all makes sense now. IT WAS FOR THIS MOMENT!

Created by David Baron & Elisa Wikey


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